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april 2016

Elfia Haarzuilens 2016

Last weekend I spend my Saturday at Elfia Haarzuilens to experience more of fantasy and cosplay. I’ve seen so many costumes, wow, amazing hand-made dresses, weapons, artifacts…and much more. I was at Elfia Haarzuilens with friends so it was a day full of laughter and fun. Photographing the costumes was of course also part of the deal!

Belgian beaches – Knokke

Slowly, the sun is starting to show itself more. The temperature is creeping up a little bit and it is putting me in a pre-summer mood (yes, I know it’s only just spring!). Something that fits with all of this is the beach. Over the last two years I’ve visited many different spots at the Belgian coastline. All...

Dutch Comic Con – Photos

Argh, it took longer than expected. Sorry for that! I’ve finally sorted through all my photos and am very happy with the end results. I’ve got a variety of cosplayers captured over the weekend, as well as two photoshoots I did with cosplayers during the weekend. If I’ve taken any photo of you you would like to have,...