Belgian Beaches – Nieuwpoort and more


Knokke and Oostende were already featured on the blog, but Belgium has more beach cities to offer! While I lived in Belgium for 5 months, I visited many of them. While some of the larger cities might seem a logical choice to go for – and don’t get me wrong they are – the smaller places offer so much as well. They each have their own charm. Combining a visit to different places in one day/weekend is very much possible as well. I will tell you more about that later on in this blog.

One of those cities is Nieuwpoort, situated towards the south, close to the French border. This town is so versatile! To start with, there is of course plenty of beach and boulevard to enjoy the lovely weather, get a tan, or catch up with friends while sipping a good glass of wine. The city also has a port, but I wasn’t too excited about this. Probably more fun when you have a boat or are very interested in them 😉 Another part of the city that I do love a lot is the old city centre. The architecture is beautiful and across from the church there is a lovely square with restaurants and bars for a drink or a bite.


What else?
The coast line of Belgium is filled with smaller places. They are great to pass through for a short break, for example the De Haan and De Panne. These might not be the first cities you would go to, but if you want a bit more variety in your weekend, why not include these as well? You can take the car from city to city, but if you don’t have access to a car or simply like to be a bit more flexible, there is a tram which allows you to travel very cheaply and rather quickly from place to place. You can find out more information about The Coastal Tram online here.


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