Cosplayer of the Month: Captain Amelia Cosplay

Captain Amelia CosplayI have highlighted cosplay before as a way to travel to new worlds. I really like looking into this even though I don’t really do cosplay myself. But I wanted to put some people in the spotlight who do an amazing job with it but hardly get the attention they deserve. So every month I will put one cosplayer in the spotlight. Together with the cosplayer I will select my/their favourite cosplay. Cosplayer of November: Captain Amelia Cosplay.

Can you tell a little something about yourself and how/why you got into cosplay?
I’m twenty one, originally from Cornwall, but moved to London for uni in 2012 and I’ll probably stay here forever. My first con was LFCC 2012, so I’ve been cosplaying for over three years now, but I’ve been dressing up for as long as I can remember. I work in film & TV, so I approach cosplay from an acting background, and I love this hobby with everything I’ve got: It gives you the opportunity to develop new skills, like craftsmanship, confidence, performance and presentation skills, and I’ve been lucky enough to attend premieres and appear at events across the country, thanks to this wonderful community <3.Captain Amelia Cosplay

You have done quite some cosplays already and when I asked you for your favourite you had a hard time choosing, but you said Mary Poppins was in particular exciting. Can you explain why?
Mary Poppins’ ‘Jolly Holiday’ dress has always been close to the top of my Dream Cosplays list, and I made my first attempt at it for the Disneyland Paris Halloween Party 2014, when adults are allowed to wear costumes into the parks, which was a wonderful evening I spent with some amazing friends. I followed that up with a genuinely fantastic studio shoot with Project Sagittarius and the magnificent Saddle the Hippogriffs Cosplay in her gorgeous Bert jacket in January, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to remake and upgrade the costume for the D23 Expo in California over the summer. I’ll always remember the looks on other con-goers faces when I told them my English accent was real!!

One of my personal favourites was Aurora (yes, I had trouble picking a favourite too!). The dress was beautiful and you looked absolutely adorable. What was it like to cosplay this Disney princess?
Thank you so much 🙂 To be honest, I can’t quite remember where the inspiration to cosplay Aurora came from. I think I’ve probably just always wanted her beautiful pink dress, and now I’ve made two different versions of her ballgown and her peasant dress in just over a year. I like putting my own touches on princess costumes, so I really enjoyed all the glitter and sparkle I was able to add to my dress. I think Aurora is very poised and extremely graceful, two things I am certainly not, so it’s a lot of fun to be the delicate, glamorous princess for once!!

Captain Amelia Cosplay

You have done cosplays both as part of a group as well as individual. Do you prefer one over the other?
As much as I love making what I want when I want to, I think cosplay groups encapsulate the camaraderie of the community, and all-round make me more excited about my projects. Groups are a great way to get started out, and an amazing vibe to be part of. I love the whole idea of everyone motivating and helping each other, and I’m a sucker for a sewing party. I really enjoyed the hype of the DC Bombshells group at LSCC, and my Eleanor Guthrie costume looks infinitely better surrounded by the rest of the ‘Black Sails’ crew, not to mention how excited I am for a Rule 63 Avengers group next year…

I am curious what the future holds! Are there any cosplays you are currently working on? And any cosplays which are very high up on your wishlist?
I’ve got a Dream Cosplays list as long as your arm, and I can’t wait to make a solid dent in it next year. I’m starting off 2016 by entering the LSCC Championships with a costume I’ve always dreamed off, Elphaba’s Act II dress from the musical ‘Wicked’. I’m drawn to this competition because there’s a huge focus on the performance element, something I believe is lost in most other cosplay masquerades, and I’m really looking forward to achieving my childhood dream of playing a West End lead – Even for two minutes on a cosplay stage 😛 I’m also really hoping to make one of Demelza’s dresses from ‘Poldark’; I was born and raised in Cornwall, so it would be the greatest testament to my home county to be able to shoot along the beautiful coastline in the summer.Captain Amelia Cosplay

Captain Amelia Cosplay

Is there any advice you want to give to (newbie) cosplayers?
I have so much passion for this hobby and admiration for those who devote themselves to it, and I love seeing it become more mainstream, with conventions being covered positively in the media. I think the biggest thing holding would-be cosplayers back from hurling themselves straight into it is the idea that they’re not good enough: Trust me, you don’t have to be World’s Best Seamstress in order to come up with something fantastic, everyone starts somewhere. Charity shops and eBay are going to become your best friends; there is NOTHING wrong with buying your costume. The community is so responsive and attentive that literally everyone is willing to help with anything – Just ask!! And, above all, cosplay what you love, and what makes you happy 😀

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Thank you very much for being on the blog today Milly! It was a pleasure having you. If you want to see more of her cosplays make sure to have a look at her Facebook page.

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