Choccywoccydoodah – London’s chocolate heaven


It’s been almost two weeks already again since I came back from my short get-a-way to London. I went over for four days to visit a close friend. She moved there in January so I had all reasons to go by and explore the city together (again). One of the places on our must vist list was Choccywoccydoodah – London’s chocolate heaven.

Choccywoccydoodah…TLC viewers will know what this is all about. This chocolate store started out in Brighton and since a couple of years they are also located in London. Why did I mention TLC? They have their own TV show which features all the crazy and delicious cakes they make. Choccywoccydoodah is famous for their sculpt and ruffle work from chocolate. I can guarentee you, you won’t be dissapointed seeing their creations!

Easter is closing in on us, thus easter eggs guarenteed in any store that sells chocolate. The eggs displayed at Choccywoccydoodah were far from normal. A dragon claw, a whole dragon, all displayed within these amazingly large chocolate eggs. The photos don’t fully justify how amazing their work is. You’ll have to see it for yourself. And there was much more in the shop than only eggs, cute bunnies, their known angels and ruffles, marriage cakes, white chocolate, rich dark, everything you can think off…and more!



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