Cosplayer of the Month June: CosplayDreams1981

It’s the end of June already again – phew time is flying by! But that does mean that it’s time for another Cosplayer of the Month. I love exploring the world of cosplay, even though I don’t really cosplay myself. But I wanted to put some people in the spotlight who do an amazing job with it but hardly get the attention they deserve. So every month I will put one cosplayer in the spotlight. Together with the cosplayer I will select my/their favourite cosplay and use that as a base to interview them! Cosplayer of June: CosplayDreams1981.


Can you tell a little something about yourself and how/why you got into cosplay?
My name is Olga and I am 35 years old mother to a beautiful little boy, who also is a cosplayer. I found out I had a very nasty form of sickness about 3 years ago. At first I was in shock and we dealt with it. Then my life changed. I wanted to do what I want to do, and one of those things was cosplaying. Just be someone else for one or two days, I love it. It gives me so much joy. I also found the greatest friends. It is the best thing I did in my whole life.

Donna Noble (Doctor Who) is your current favourite cosplay. Is there anything specific that you like so much about this cosplay?
Well, at first you all need to know I am in love with Doctor Who, and I was a huge fan of the character Donna. About a year ago we were on a convention and we are just talking to some friends of who I could cosplay from the show Doctor Who. Jacco, a very good DW cosplayer, said why don’t you cosplay Donna. From there it went very fast. I start putting her together and the response I got was amazing. Most of my followers on my page are there because of that cosplay. And I love doing her and seeing people their responses. Last time on Animecon one guy dropped to the floor and start praying “O Donna Noble best companion ever, I love her thank you for cosplaying her”. That was so much fun.

Since I saw your Mellisandre cosplay the first time, I’ve absolutely love it. Can you tell us a little more how this cosplay came about?
Mellisandre… well how does someone decide to cosplay her. She is not a very likeable character but I love the way she looked in Game of Thrones. Also I love Carice van Houten. The red dress is so gorgeous.


You’ve done several conventions already. Is there one in particular that you’ve enjoyed most?
In Holland I love Elfia. The atmosphere, the food, the people, everything. But In the UK I love MCM London. That’s also because I see most of my DW friends there. It’s an amazing place.

Your wishlist is probably never ending like it is for most cosplayers! If time, money, and skills were not a problem, which one would you be making right now?
That would be Brienne (Game of Thrones) with her armour. I am in love with that costume well maybe one day!

Is there any advice you want to give to (newbie) cosplayers?
First if you love to do it just do it. Don’t Let anyone hold you back. Cosplaying is so much fun and if you stay in the right circles you will receive so much love and laughter. I wish I done it way earlier than I did. So don’t doubt and do it.

All cosplay photos belong to the rightful owners.

Thank you very much for being on the blog today Olga! Make sure to follow her on Facebook to see more of her (future) cosplays!

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