Cosplayer of the Month: Ekko Cosplay

Ekko Cosplay

I love exploring the world of cosplay, even though I don’t really cosplay myself. But I wanted to put some people in the spotlight who do an amazing job with it but hardly get the attention they deserve. So every month I will put one cosplayer in the spotlight. Together with the cosplayer I will select my/their favourite cosplay and use that as a base to interview them! Cosplayer of February: Ekko Cosplay.

1. Can you tell a little something about yourself and how/why you got into cosplay?
Well my name is Daisy, I’m 21 and I got into Cosplay in the middle of 2014. I’ve always been a little bit geeky but it wasn’t until recent years that I truly embraced that. I got in to cosplay when me and my friend Dani went to see Frozen, I knew what cosplay was and was aware that a few of my friends did it but it wasn’t until I saw that film that I decided to join in! So we made the Anna and Elsa costumes and I fell down the cosplay rabbit hole!

2. When I asked you about your favourite cosplay, you mentioned it was Frozen Fever Anna (yay for more Disney love). Could you explain why?
I think it involved so many new things. It was sewing I’d never done before, so I had to figure out and learn new skills for it. I spent god knows how long colour matching my iron on decals and then a full day measuring and marking out where they went. It’s also got to be because I love cosplaying Anna, and her new costume was just so bright and I really love that about her character. She’s positive and sparky and brilliant and cosplaying with Dani as Elsa is just so much fun. We really do derp well!

Ekko Cosplay

Ekko Cosplay

3. You have done quite a few different kinds of cosplay already. If you could redo any of your costumes, would there be any in particular that you would like to change?
I think I would definitely make my Rapunzel armour differently. It was bulky, uncomfortable and now it’s difficult to store because I can’t take it apart. So I’d definitely remake that part of the costume, although I love the rest of it! But otherwise I’m really pleased with my costumes, I know that sounds a little full of myself but even the less accurate or perfectly finished ones I love because it was a start and I know I’m learning from every little mistake.

4. Your portfolio on photoshoots seems ever growing, it’s so fun to look through. Do you have a preference for photoshoots at conventions or on location?
I think both have their charms! Sometimes shoots at a con can be really nice as the atmosphere of a convention is something else. Sure, you can’t always get that perfect background or scenery on the convention site but I’ve still had some amazing photos taken at conventions. That being said, I really don’t think you can beat a location shoot day. It’s just really cool to put a costume on and feel totally surrounded by the aesthetic of the costume. Plus you get to spend a really fun day out with a Tog or friend who just want to make you look cool. It’s great.

5. I am curious for the future. What cosplays are still high on your wishlist? And if time, skills, money, all of that wouldn’t play a role, which cosplay would you be making right now?
I swear I change my answer for this a lot, because my interests and wants are always changing so much. Right now as of today if I could make absolutely anything at all, it would probably still be Katniss Tribute Parade dress from Catching Fire, I’d love to splash out on thermofabrics that could change like hers does and fill it with LED’s and just really go all out. That and any kind of Megara (from Hercules) costume, it’s my favourite Disney film and I can’t wait to see her crop up in Once Upon a Time this season!

Ekko Cosplay

6. Last but not least, is there any advice you want to give to (newbie) cosplayers?
I think, no matter how long you’ve been cosplaying, it’s important not to let cosplay be a stress for you. As soon as it starts to become a task or a grumble it loses its charm. You should be enjoy your hobbies and make the most of it, so try not to sweat the small stuff and just have a laugh. If something isn’t perfect or you’re struggling, put it aside or shake it off because at the end of the day, this should be about having fun!

All photos belong to the rightful cosplay photographers.

Thank you very much for being on the blog today Daisy! It was lovely having you. If you want to see more of Daisy’s cosplays (and you definitely do), make sure to visit her Facebook page.

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