Drovers Dog: where Amsterdam meets Australia

Drovers Dog

Some of you might know that I’m quite a foodie. I like nearly everything and will definitely try almost anything food-wise. One thing I wanted to try for a long time (but for some reason it never happened) was the Australian dessert Rocky Road. You can understand that when a friend of mine suggested to go to Drovers Dog, an Australian gourmet cafe, for dinner in Amsterdam I didn’t hesitate.

For those of you who don’t know what Rocky Road is, let me explain. Imagine the combination of fluffy marshmallow, chocolate, and nuts – possibly topped with other ingredients like cherries. Sounds like heaven, right? It’s actually a funny story how I got to know this Australian dessert. A couple of years back I was at the gym with a friend and we were working out on the crosstrainers while watching tv. The show that happened to be on was the Australian edition of Master Chef. You can guess what they were making: Rocky Road. My friend, who lived in Australie for half a year, explained me about the dessert and we swore to make/try it together some time soon…

Drovers Dog2

Flashforward to five years later, we finally tried Rocky Road together at the Drovers Dog. Drovers Dog is a “down-under” styled restaurant. Items on the menu are, for example, kangaroo filet and salt n’ pepper squid. They don’t have an exact dessert menu, instead they have a little display where they put their home made desserts. Hopefully, if any of you goes by, there will be Rocky Road – It’s a must try! I have to admit that it is a quite heavy dessert, but they allow you to take leftovers home in a doggy bag ;).

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