Dutch Comic Con 2016

Dutch Comic Con

You might have noticed on my social media channels already that I’ve spent my weekend at Dutch Comic Con in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Dutch Comic Con is a convention for fans from TV-shows, movies, comics, books, anything fandom related. Several artists and actors were present at the con just as many different dealers. One of the goals of the weekend for me personally was to spend more time on cosplay photography. I took photos of a variety of cosplayers and did shoots with Dreams Beyond Cosplay and Lightened Skies Cosplay. I hope to sort through my photos this week so I can publish them online by the weekend!

Two other highlights definitely worth mentioning were meeting the Hillywoodshow and helping out at my best friend’s dealer stand. I’ve seen all of the videos of the Hillywood show and each and every one is amazing again. Even though I’ve never seen much of Supernatural, their shake it off parody remains awesome! Don’t know them? Make sure to check out their Youtube channel. Hilly and Hannah are such sweethearts. Their Q&A’s were fun and they were lovely to meet – real big hearts for their fans!

Both Saturday and Sunday, I spent time working at the dealer stand of Custom Jewels which is owned by my best friend. It was incredible fun, but oh my was it busy (which is of course a good thing when you’re trying to sell products, hihi). Been great talking to many fellow “nerds” and to share stories. I’ve included a small photo impression with this blog post on Dutch Comic Con, but more soon! Promise 🙂

Dutch Comic Con

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