Lisbon for foodies – Part I

Lisbobn for foodies

Lisbon is a true paradise for foodies. I actually didn’t even know that it was one of the most thriving cities in Europe when it comes to food trends, but the handy magazine in the plane told me so 😉 We had done our research so we knew some places we wanted to go to beforehand and also stumbled upon some great experiences. Ready to dive into the food & drinks heaven called Lisbon?

Lisbobn for foodies

Pastel de Nata – one of them topped with cinamon.

There are many cities and countries with its own traditions when it comes to food, and Lisbon/Portugal is no exception. The “Pastel de Nata” (Portugese cream tarts) is probably the most known must-try when you come to Lisbon. They originate from the monks at the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon. Nowadays you can literally buy them anywhere. We’ve tried them twice, once at a breakfast place, but they didn’t win us over. Later on we tried them once more – freshly baked and still warm – from Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata (located in the city centre of Lisbon). These were so much better! They ring a bell here outside when a new batch is coming out of the oven, so make sure to wait for that moment 🙂 It won’t become my ultimate sweet pastry, but the taste was quite lovely and it was nice to try something new while being here.
“Pão de Deus” (translated as Bread of God) is also a sweet treat that is found a lot in Lisbon. It can be eaten as breakfast (as we did one day) or simply during the day. They are sweet rolls filled with lemon and coconut. The combination is quite heavenly but also incredible sweet – so you have to be able to stand that level of sweetness!
Another traditional dish is “Bacalhau” – codfish. It is rumoured that there are so many different recipes for Bacalhau that you can eat a new dish every day of the year. Codfish isn’t the most exciting type of seafood, but the simple combination of Bacalhau with a dash of olive oil, black pepper, and lemon is always a winner.

Lisbobn for foodies

The sweet treat Pão de Deus.

When we booked our accommodation in Lisbon we decided to not include our breakfast. We rather searched for lovely spots in the city. We had varying dishes from yoghurt with granola to sweet pastries to bread topped with avocado. Our favourite spot was Tartine, a lovely bakery which serves tartines (obviously), egss, and all kind of other breakfast (and lunch) dishes. Our favourite was by far granola with yoghurt. Super tasty and very filling!

As you might have seen, the title of this blog has “Part I” in it. Yes, there is more! Much more actually. Lisbon has so much to share for us foodies, so stay tuned for more. Meanwhile, what is your favourite Portuguese dish?

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