Photography Inspiration: Nathaniel Buzolic

NathanielBuzolicDo you know that feeling when you come across someone’s (travel) photos and you wish you coud capture a moment like that? I spend my time regularly scrolling through Instagram looking at everyone’s amazing photos. While I wish often that I could capture photos like that, they also inspire me to improve my own skills. The travel photos of actor Nathaniel Buzolic definitely fall in the above category.

Australian actor Nathaniel Buzolic is most known from his role in the TV show The Vampire Diaries. He travels for his work all over the world and makes amazing photos along the way. He shares his photos on social media and they inspire me a lot. I have picked out a few of Nathaniel Buzolic’s photos. If you like them, make sure to have a look at his Instagram.Nathaniel Buzolic Nathaniel Buzolic Nathaniel Buzolic

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