Sleep at Hogwarts – Harry Potter hotel in London


If you love magic come and stay with us…

If you are a Potterhead you probably are aware of The Georgian House in London. Even if you are not keeping up to date with the hotel business, you have most likely heard of this Harry Potter hotel. If not, stay tuned… All right, not the whole hotel is as magical, but it does have a couple of Harry Potter inspired rooms. The Georgian House has Wizard Chambers and the Enchanted Chambers, both inspired (but not affiliated) by the magical world of Harry Potter.


The rooms are equipped with magical elements such as, of course, a 4 poster bed, cauldrons and even potion bottles! I would say that this probably brings a very magical experience when you stay here. Unfortunately, the it does come at a price – as prices start from 199 pound. Not very budget friendly, but I would love to stay there once – what about you?

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