View of Brussels from a height


Do you know that picture perfect moment when you are on a tall building and you can see all of a city at once? I love those. Today, I will share where best to go if you want to experience such a moment in Brussels.

The Atomium might be the first place that comes to mmind when considering a place to take photos of Brussels. In my opinion, this is far from ideal. Yes, it is 102m high but it is situated quite far from the city centre and is partly surrounded by forest. Further, you always have windows between you and your view which is not ideal when you try to make photos.


Mont des Arts
You can find a better view from Mont des Arts, which is situated a short walk from the market square. On this hillside you find many artistic places, some restaurants, and the Royal Library of Belgium. But as an added bonus you get a beautiful view over Brussels and the parc you hike through on your way up.


Parking 58
As the name might betray, I’m talking here about a parking for cars. But the nice thing is that it has a top floor at 10 stories high. Situated in the city centre of Brussels, this provides you with a stunning view over town. Especially the tower of the market square is very well visible from here. The only downside is that you need to go up in shaky old elevator (but once you survive this, it’s worth it).


Place Poelaert
This is possibly one of my favourite places in Brussels. On a bright day you can even see the Atomium from here and by night the view is just as stunning as by day. I don’t know why exactly this place feels so much more special than any other vantage point. Maybe it is the steep hike up the hill (when you come from the city centre) that makes it so much more rewarding. Either way, if you visit Brussels and you are looking for a great view over the city – then don’t forget to go to Place Poelaert.


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