Whisky tasting in Edinburgh

Whiskey tasting

When you think about whisky you probably think about Scotland. And when you think about Scotland, no doubt whisky comes to mind as well. No surprises probably when I tell you we did a whisky tasting when we were in Scotland last year. I have to admit that I never tasted it before we went to Scotland, but the friend I travelled with had and she rightly so convinced me to have a sip 😉 The best way, like with any tasting of local products, is to go to the source – in this case a local brewery. Unfortunately, if you don’t have your own (rental) car in Scotland it is hard to reach most of those place. Edinburgh has a solution for this: The Scotch Whisky Experience.

Isn’t it a very touristic place? Maybe, yes. But is it worth going if you can’t make it to a brewery? Definitely! The Scotch Whiskey Experience offers different kinds of whisky tasting. Their most basic tour is the Silver Tour which allows you to view the process, see their immense collection of whisky, and taste one of their brews. They also have a Gold and Platinum tour which are more extensive and allow you to taste more. We did the Platinum Tour, mostly because it allowed you to taste single malt whiskies. Well worth your money if you want to dive a little deeper into a tasting!

Whiskey tasting

You start the experience with an audio tour which explains you the process of how whisky is made. After the audio tour (which you can take individually) the group gathers and you get to (probably the real reason for the visit) the tasting. We got explanation about the different whisky regions in Scotland first. They let us smell some different scents that are representative for the region. I can still clearly recall one of them because it was so much like banana, yum! Tasting the whisky is much like tasting wine, you swirl, you smell, you take a sip, swirl in the mouth, and swallow. Oh little side note, if you are not used to strong liquor: it BURNS in the throat, haha. It was nice to do a tasting and some were easier to sip than others, but I think it is too strong for me – or I need to get used to it. I guess that is possible as well. Either way, I enjoyed doing a tasting and learning more about the whisky from different regions.

Whiskey tasting

They also have a large whisky collection at display which you visit after the whisky tasting. The collection holds 3384 different kinds of whiskies. Very impressive to see! Have any of you ever done a whisky tasting? Or maybe visited one of the (Scottish) breweries?

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