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Anyone who has ever attempted to write a story will probably know that you can find writing inspiration in a great variety of places. You can draw from experiences, maybe you get inspiration when you visit a particular city, or see a photo which sparks your imagination. One of my favourite places to browse for writing inspiration – whether it is for a specific character or for that one abandoned building I’m writing about – is Pinterest.

My own Pinterest Boards overflow with all kinds of writing inspiration. I’ve divided everything in the following categories: Animal Kingdom, Character Inspiration, Scenes, and Settings. There are of course also some non-writing inspiration related boards, though I guess sometimes you might find your inspiration where you hadn’t expect it to be in the first place 😉

The boards of the Animal Kingdom of course provide inspiration for any animals you might write about. I’ve subdivided them for horses and any other animals. You might notice I’ve got quite some photos of wolves in there – I love those animals. Would love to figure out a story that have them woven into it. Character Inspiration boards provide writing inspiration for individual characters, couples, villains, and their clothing and jewelry they might wear. The Scenes and Settings boards are related but still differ from each other. Settings provides you with writing inspiration for a certain location, for example the forest, a modern house, or the mountains. The boards from the scenes are more about sketching a certain scenery, the atmosphere, things that might happen right there and then – not only the location. The scenes I’ve collected so far take place in the bakery, at a masquerade ball, and your characters fairytale wedding.

Do you have any Pinterest writing inspiration boards? Please share them in the comments below so we can create a great overview of resources!

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