Yoghurt Barn: A different kind of High Tea

Yoghurt Barn

I love a good high tea to catch up with friends or family. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so this is definitely up my alley. But sometimes I feel that high tea’s kan be too “sugary”. After a few chocolate bites we are usually full while there is still a lot left to taste from. Some restaurants manage to balance it out a lot more with sandwiches, savoury bites, or…YOGHURT. I have been following Yoghurt Barn for quite a while on Social Media and earlier this year I finally booked for a high tea with friends at their Utrecht store. They also have locations in Amsterdam and Haarlem, and store openings are planned for The Hague and Den Bosch! Make sure to visit their website for more information on the exact locations.

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Yoghurt Barn serves all different kinds of yoghurt which you can personalise with your own preferred toppings. They also have (healthy) savoury and sweet snacks, and they combined this with tea to create their own high tea concept. You receive 8 different kinds of tea you can try which contain a favourite for everyone – from sweet to spicy. Apart from tea you also receive a juice of your choice. I opted for blackberry which is definitely reccommended!

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The food is roughly split up in three categories: yoghurt (with toppings), bread with dips, and sweets. Unfortunately, you can’t pick your own yoghurt toppings. My favourite was the “Crazy Cookie”, which had kiwi, cinnamon, and Bastogne cookie crumbs as toppings. We received three different kinds of bread with butter and two different spreads. The bread is really nice to eat in between while your stomach is trying to decide to eat more yoghurt or sweets ;). The sweets can be anything from brownies to more healthy options. One of my friends is unfortuantely allergic to cocoa so she can’t have anything with milk or dark chocolate on it. But they had enough options in their yoghurt and sweets sections to suplement. We let them know when we made the reservation and it was no trouble at all for them. At the end of the day though, a high tea is nearly always too much to finish. Luckily at Yoghurt Bar they can provide you with a doggy bag so you can enjoy the rest of it at home.

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Have you been to Yoghurt Barn before? Make sure to share your favourite in the comments!

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