Twenty-six years old and a life enjoyer to the fullest. There are several things in my life I’m passionate about, and some of those I can bring together here on my blog: Travelling, food & drinks, and writing about the aforementioned. Add a dash of hospitality to the mix, and you have quite the summary of my life.

I believe you can never see, taste, and experience enough of the world. While I have not yet travelled further than Europe, I have enjoyed the new countries and cities I have encountered. From the warm islands of Greece to the cold mountains of Norway to the busy metropolis London, I hope to share some of these experiences with all of you, and talk about what makes each destination so special.

Travelling also happens for me in the fictional sense of the word. I don’t cosplay, but I do enjoy travelling along to other fictional worlds by the means of cosplay photography. People can put their heart and soul into their work and they can completely dive into it. I love to capture this and travel along with them!

Food & Drinks
Yes, I’m a foodie! I’m the happiest girl in town when I find a great new hotspot, get treated on dinner or spend my afternoon reading up on new trends. I enjoy staying up to date with the latest happenings and to get a real taste and feeling for what is going on – which luckily works very well in my current hometown, Amsterdam.

As all of this is in written form, writing is most likely the most obvious. I tried blogging on and off, got into it again when I was abroad during my studies, but then eventually it stopped yet again. I never was really focused in my writing and wrote a bit of everything, something I have much more envisioned for Arlette Writes now. In the end, all of this is about storytelling, sharing what I experience with all of you, and hopefuly inspire people around the globe to live life to the fullest too – whether in a real or fictional world!

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