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Hi, My name is Annelie. I am a cosplayer at Dreams Beyond Cosplay. My Friend Arlette asked me if I wanted to write a blogpost about cosplay. Of course I said yes and even though I am not that much of a writer I decided to give it a shot. So here we go: Planning your Cosplay.

Everybody who watches tv shows, movies, and reads comics would often have that moment that feels like, damn I wish I could be that charachter! Well you can be. Isn’t that shocking? When you feel like you want to cosplay a charachter you put them on a wishlist. My list is way too long and goes from tv shows and movies to gaming characters. In the end you might have picked one from the list and feel like, yes I am doing this for a convention or fair! From there on you start planning it.

The first part of planning is to do your research. What do they wear? What are the details on the costume? You can use google, fansites, or even other cosplayers and companies that sell cosplay for clear images of details and the like.

For this blog, I am taking Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie that will be coming out this year as an example. There weren’t a lot of proper pictures from her outfit out there yet, at least no HQ ones. So you take it for granted that there are some at least. Since I a bit late to the party I can look at other cosplayers or companies that sell these costumes (I also got lucky with the Empire Magazine cover for extra details).


So you have your list of what they wear and the details on those pieces. Next you pick your materials and what it costs you to make it. If you aren’t comfortable making them you can look for commissions.

With Harley I need spandex for the pants in two colours which will be useable for the glove too. A white longsleeve/ fabric paints for the red/black on the shirt, etc. This list goes on for ages. In the end I decided on letting the jacket go out for commission. I wasn’t comfortable with it and somebody else can do it better and even cheaper that the options I had. Shoes were easy as I had them already, or well something that would work out well enough. It’s always good to check out what you have in your own closet. It saves a lot of money.

When you have all that sorted, it’s time to start ordering fabrics and making sure you get it all in your mailbox or in a shopping bag if you are going to the store. When you have everything you need you can start putting it together. I hope this was useful and if you have any questions, leave them down below in the comments and I will try and answer them.

Thank you,

Thank you so much for being on the blog today Ann! Are you curious for the end results of her Harley cosplay? Make sure to have a look at her Facebook page.

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