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Last weekend the Foodfestival Amsterdam took in place in the convention centre the Rai. More than 80 different foodtrucks, restaurants, and food related companies where represented. You could basically get anything ranging from a grasshopper (yes really!) to a burger, and from a fancy glass of Moët et Chandon to a good old glass of beer. I visited on Sunday, the last day of the festival (apparently some of the other days have been crazy busy!), where there was a nice and relaxing vibe. I went together with a friend and we looked around the different stalls and tried a great variety of different bites and drinks.

Upon arrival we first looked around what kind of places there were. They were grouped by foodtrucks, pop-up restaurants, wine areas, beer bars, kids area, seafood, food market, and music. We sampled some things at the food market, which was the area where food and drinks were sold for home.

Foodfestival Amsterdam2

After getting an impression of all the different restaurants and foodtrucks (believe me, by the time we reached the end we forgot half of the options) we decided on a first delicacy: Grasshoppers from Bugzz. I never tried them before and I was quite ready to have go. Honestly, they taste like anything crunchy, nothing too specific. So in case you were doubting, if you get the chance just try them. It’s fun to say you ate Grasshoppers right?


Next on our menu was something more familiar: a burger with pulled pork from Smokey Goodness. Anything with pulled pork is good to me and this burger was no exception! Very tasty (just really messy when you try to share one burger!). After this godly burger we tasted a sexy small bite from the L’Aubergine Caravan. This was a small puff pastry with aubergine and cottage cheese. Always nice to try something new.


Of course we couldn’t skip dessert! There were many different options like macarons, mud pie, and vla. For those who don’t know the Dutch dessert ‘vla’, it is comparable to custard – but a little different ;). We shared cup of vla from Vlalala – pear and chocolate vla topped with pieces of pear, chocolate flakes and meringue. Lovely end to a (sort of) three course meal. But that is not where we ended. We still had some coins left and decided on a few treats to take home. We bought delicious coconut balls from the Pieman Bakery and a salted caramel chocolate bar from the food market.


Has any of you been to the Foodfestival Amsterdam? Keep an eye for when the dates are known for next year, and block your agenda then immediately. Because it is worth a visit!

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