Cosplayer of the Month: Lightened Skies Cosplay

Lightened Skies Cosplay

I have highlighted cosplay before as a way to travel to new worlds. I really like looking into this even though I don’t really do cosplay myself. But I wanted to put some people in the spotlight who do an amazing job with it but hardly get the attention they deserve. So every month I will put one cosplayer in the spotlight. Together with the cosplayer I will select my/their favourite cosplay. Cosplayer of November: Lightened Skies Cosplay.

1. Can you tell a little something about yourself and how/why you got into cosplay?
Of course! My name is Dani, I’m 21 years old, I’m a web developer and I’ve been cosplaying for about 3-4 years now. I only started actively cosplaying about a year and a half ago. Some of my friends were into cosplay and even though I did go to events like Elfia here in The Netherlands and I did dress up, it was never very serious. But at one point my friends started to do costumes I wanted to do and that’s when I started thinking ‘Why not try to make my own costumes of characters I would love to portray for a day?’.

2. You cosplayed both Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Was there a particular reason you wanted to cosplay them?
I remember seeing Frozen with one of my friends back when it came out and immediately when we walked out of the cinema we asked each other ‘hey, how cool would it be to make these costumes?’ Now neither of us had ever properly made one of their cosplays. The previous ones I had were bought and altered. I had no sewing experience and had to rely on tutorials and construction notes from people who had done the same costume. I fell in love with Elsa’s blue ice dress after I saw the film. A few months later my sister and I wanted to plan something for Elfia together, and since it’s located around a castle I dragged her into doing the Coronation costumes with me. By that time I had made Elsa’s dress a few months ago, got more into sewing and I decided to make both coronation dresses for me and my sister. I love both characters and well, she only agreed on doing this if she got to be Elsa. Which was okay cause I love Anna’s coronation dress!



3. Have you learned any new (sewing) techniques when you worked on these costumes?
My first Elsa costume was my first handmade cosplay and looking back on it, it is probably the most hilarious thing and I’ll never show anyone how horrible the inside of the costume looks! I learned so much after making the first one. I managed to draft my own patterns for the coronation costumes, made a dress for someone else, my sister who’s figure is slimmer so I had to work with the measurements I had, and for the Frozen Fever dress I also drafted my own pattern. Its crazy comparing the old version to the new, completely handmade one. I definitely learned a lot and I can’t believe how much I have grown within a year.

4. What has been your favourite thing about the costumes of Anna and Elsa?
First of all I love how colourful they are and its so lovely to wear those costumes. But the best thing would have to be how happy children are to see you. When my friend and I cosplayed Anna and Elsa these 2 little girls could not stop chasing us and they told us their names and pretty much their whole life stories. It is so lovely to see them all happy!

5. You did some photoshoots for both of these cosplays both of the times with someone else cosplaying Anna/Elsa with you. How has that experience been?
My friend who cosplayed Anna with me is like a sister to me so it was quite easy to get into character. And well my sister is my sister so that was even easier! Except for the fact that I’m older and she decided to be Elsa, haha.


6. Is there any advise you want to give to (newbie) cosplayers?
My advice would be not to stress out when something doesn’t work out. I can highly suggest looking for cosplay friends who are as much into it as you are. It’s really nice and motivating to talk about this hobby with people and to help each other out. But most importantly, do your favourite characters proud by dressing up, and just have fun. That’s all that really matters with cosplaying!

All photos belong to the rightful cosplay photographers.

Thank you very much for being on the blog today Dani! It was a pleasure having you. If you want to see more of her cosplays make sure to have a look at her Facebook page.

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