Europe bucket list

Europe bucket list

At the beginning of 2015, very cliché at the start of a new year, I decided to make a bucket list for travelling. There are so many destinations I still want to visit and hoped that putting them down would help me go new places. So far it has worked out a little actually. I’m sharing below 5 of the Europe destinations I have on the list – and a fun fact is that I already crossed off one of these during summer and will be able to cross off another one in December!

1. Porto (Portugal)
I have to admit that I have never been to Portugal before, which gives me even more reason to wanting to visit Porto. This city attracts me in particular. Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city. I’m dying to visit the Ribeira quarter – walking around it’s streets and explore the old character of the city.

2. Edinburgh (Scotland) (visited summer 2015)
I had/have more than one place in Scotland that I really would love to visit and Edinburgh was high up that list. As you might know I visited Edinburgh finally this year so I can cross it off already. The city definitely delivered as you can read here. If you were doubting about going there: go!


3. Isle of Skye (Scotland)
Another destination that is high up my bucket list (though this list is in random order) is the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to plan it in during our last trip to Scotland. To go here you will need your own (or rented car) and neither of us was much willing to drive the narrow roads there. I guess I will have to find someone who is much more, comfortable at driving first 😉 The stunning nature is what really makes me want to go here!

4. Cologne (Germany)
In December I will be visiting this city and I cannot wait to visit the Kölner Dom, the city’s beautiful gothic church. Since I will be visiting so late during the year we’ll also see it’s famous Christmas market and experience the city by nightfall. If anyone has any specific suggestions, please let me know!

5. Iceland
While for most countries I’m able to pinpoint specific cities/places I want to visit, Iceland is a country I want to visit and go wherever I can go. The nature is so impressive in this country: hills, volcanoes, glaciers, geysiers, waterfalls,… More than enough reasons to go here at least once.

BucketlistEurope3Credit for the photo from Iceland goes to its rightful owner

Are any of these places on your Europe bucket list too? Any places I should definitely add?

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