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I’m a sucker for a good burger. As a foodie I love trying new kinds of restaurants, experiment with dishes, and explore local food, but I will never turn down a tasty burger. Luckily, nowadays there are good burger restaurants around everywhere – no need to get a tasteless one at McDonalds. Nope, gourmet burgers are the way to go. I’ve written down a couple of my favourite burger places in Europe but I’m also curious about yours! Make sure to share them 🙂

1. Byron
Byron serves burgers around the UK. Only in London they already have 37 (!!) different locations. Other cities include Manchester, Liverpool, and Oxford, and they are planning to open restaurants in Edinburgh and Glasgow soon. Their fries, buns, burgers…it’s all fresh and homemade of course. Their signature burger? The Byron, a 6oz hamburger with mature Cheddar, dry cure bacon, shredded iceberg, red onion, tomatoes, and Byron sauce.
Burger price on average: 9.40£


2. Burgers and Wines
Of course I have to include a restaurant from my home country, The Netherlands. Burgers and wines is a burger and wine restaurant at once (the name might have given it away 😉 ). They have restaurants in three Dutch cities, Utrecht, Scheveningen, and Rotterdam (where it is located in the Markthal). A glass of wine with your burger might not be the first thing popping to mind when you are considering a drink, but it is a darn sweet combination. They serve some pretty fine wines.
Burger price on average: 14.50€


3. Ellis Gourmet Buger
They have 10 restaurants in Belgium and 2 locations in The Netherlands. Ellis Gourmet Burger is inspired by the original story where the burger came from – the Steak Hamburger Style from New York. The story is also displayed on the walls at their restaurants and they bring back elements from the 1900’s, for example by the special newspapers at the tables. Tip: try their homemade lemonades with your burger, delicious!
Burger price on average: 10.60€

4. Food Factory Café
All right, this is not a burger only restaurant, but they do serve great burgers. It’s located in Brussels and I’ve been there a couple of times when I lived there. Bonus: they provide you with nearly every sauce you can think of to dip your fries in – because what is a good burger without fries?? (Oh and while you’re on it, they have amazing crêpes for dessert too).
Burger price on average: 9.95€

5. The Tron (and other pubs)
The Tron in Edinburgh has a burger to die for: BBQ Pulled Pork Burger, alongside many other nice burger options. I have seen the menu they serve at other pubs in Edinburgh (and Glasgow) as well so you can probably find it in more places than The Tron. You can easily get your burger as a double if you are super hungry.
Burger price on average: 7.49£

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